Accelerating development of mobile and cloud-based applications

IBM® Informix® Genero provides easy-to-use graphical tools to create applications that can be deployed on multiple platforms. This application development environment can help you save time and money by transforming established code into a more modern environment. It also helps protect fourth-generation programming language (4GL) investments and create business services for service-oriented architectures.

Informix Genero can help:

  • Deploy applications quickly using graphical modeling tools and simple business logic.
  • Write rich Internet applications with dynamic content using extended web development capabilities.
  • Modernize existing 4GL applications for use in browser-based, graphical user interface, mobile and cloud environments.
  • Manage projects easily with Informix project management capabilities.

Deploy applications quickly

  • Provides a rich set of integrated development environment (IDE) tools to simplify development efforts and usability.
  • Offers an easy-to-learn programming language for writing business logic.
  • Provides a runtime profiler that makes it easy to identify the hot spots in a project at source-code level and improve application performance.
  • Enables localized strings to be placed in external files, allowing for multiple languages and reduced screen management.
  • Allows you to generate forms and reports through a graphical IDE and report writer.
  • Integrates with IBM Optim™ Development Studio to provide visual analysis of SQL statements, execution and performance.

Write rich Internet applications with dynamic content

  • Provides an HTML5 theme that enhances web rendering and improves performance.
  • Provides support for web clients, such as Apple iPhone and Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Offers a better user experience, and reduces the amount of JavaScript required.
  • Supports most web browser releases that run on popular mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Allows you to use native device-dependent widgets such as combo boxes, progress bars and type ahead.

Modernize existing 4GL applications

  • Provides a cost-effective way to modernize 4GL applications and protect existing investments, without the need to rewrite code.
  • Allows developers to recompile an existing application and make minor changes to the user interface—to move the code from character-based to graphical within weeks.
  • Includes enhanced graphical user interface features that enable you to add capabilities, such as drag and drop, web services, business graphics and browser styles, to bring the Web 2.0 experience to your 4GL solution.

Manage projects easily

  • Access project information in a convenient collapsible hierarchy tree—ready to edit, build, debug and execute.
  • Navigate to any part of the project at source-code level.